A practical research to the international youth collaboration in a creative process. 

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Come and join us if you’re 

  • aged between 13 and  20 y.o.
  • enjoying makeing art
  • living in Germany or the Netherlands 
  • wanna spend some time making devised art
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 ‘Belongings’ is a co-operation of theatre practitioners from Germany and Holland. Become part of their practical research to creative processes in international youth collaboration! 

We initially work via an online platform and Zoom workshops. We might meet in person if the COVID-regulations will let us during March. In April, there is a conference for other theatre practitioners where some of the groups might present their work as well.

During this worldwide lockdown period, people have been inventing ‘new’ ways to be creative. Youngsters experiment with modern possibilities such as video editing or social media platforms, some get their inspiration from conventional media such as radio play, drawn animation or writing pen friends. ‘Belongings’ is a co-operation of three theatre practitioners from Germany and the Nederlands. Become part of their practical research to creative processes in international youth collaboration!

As a participant, you’ll convert your creative ideas in a small group with both Dutch and German youngsters. The project starts 8 November 2020 with an online meet-up. All groups will present their creative output on 6 March 2021. During the proces you’ll be guided by one of our three coaches.  

For this project, we’ll focus on ’Belongings’. Where do you belong? Where do you feel at home? How to make art using your ordinary belongings (e.g. keys, schoolbooks, photo’s, clothing, souvenirs) as ‘props’? 

Anne Pretzch

Anne Pretzch

Writer and choreographer

Anne brings movement and text, feeling and idea together in moving stories. In her group an interdisciplinary art piece will be created through improvisation.

Gonny Gaakeer

Gonny Gaakeer

Actresss and theatre maker

Gonny is a professional actress and focuses on classical theatre, writing for theatre and making film scenes. Her youngsters will write, direct and perform their own texts in pairs.

Kamiel van der Laan

Kamiel van der Laan

Creative director at Winkeltheater

Kamiel wants to stimulate the creative autonomy of his young makers. He will divide his youngsters into small groups and guide each group in their own process. 

Esther Veefkind

Esther Veefkind

Youth Director

Esther directs young performers at Winkeltheater and is the head of the Young Teachers Department. This spring she’ll graduate as master of sience and master of education.

Our Story

How we got started

In 2018 we met during “Wilhelm*ina and Who Am I?”, a collaboration between German and Dutch (young)actors.

Where are we now

Because of COVID-19 we had to cancel our new play “Caesar of Orange”. Thanks to “Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie” and “Fonds Soziokultur” we got the chance to develop an alternative, which is “Belonings”.


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Belongings is supported by The Cultural Participation Fund. The Cultural Participation Fund aims to encourage and increase participation in the arts and culture.


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